Beer 1 of winter!


Brewer: Weyerbacher                Craft: Winter Ale                ABV: 5.6%

Not a bad way to start beers of winter.  Nice aroma of malted barley and caramel.  The taste starts the same with malt and caramel, but in there hiding is a subtle spice note or two.  For me it’s clove or allspice. It is super smooth to drink, almost caramely in nature.  That’s a word, by the way.  Caramely.  At least it is now.  It ends with a warmth from the inside.  At 5.6%, you could have a few of these in front of the fire or watching your favorite sporting event.  Enjoy!


In the beginning…

So this is my first go at this whole blogging thing.  I’ll need your patience as I work out the kinks.  My plan is to post a beer a day.  I’ll talk about how it smells, how it tastes, and various other things that I think of that might be important to you.  The beers of winter will be my first series.  Thanks for embarking on this journey with me!