Beer 3 of winter

Victory Winter Cheers

Brewer: Victory                  Craft: Winter Cheers                     ABV: 6.7%

It feels slightly strange drinking a wheat beer in winter.  Wheat beers are meant to be a cold refreshing drink on a warm summer’s afternoon.  Well change your perspective, people.  This “Celebratory Wheat Ale” fits right in to your winter drinking agenda.

The aroma of wheat and hops draw you in.  There are a multitude of tastes in this complex offering from Victory.  It starts off with notes of wheat and bread.  Also appearing are fruity notes from apple and pineapple.  Solid spice notes from nutmeg and clove add depth.  This is no easy drinking, summer refreshment.  You want to take your time with it and enjoy the layers of flavor.  I have always thought of Victory as the hop factory of beers.  But this is a nice change of pace for them.

By the way – I know this is only beer 3, but you may have noticed the glassware.  If not, please take note.  You should always pour your beer into the right glass.  There will be more to come on that subject in the future…


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