Beers 4 & 5 of winter…shall we compare?

Rogue Yellow Snow                               Stone Ruination

So I decided to drink a couple IPAs tonight.  And why not compare them?

Brewer: Rogue                                                    Brewer: Stone

Craft: Yellow Snow IPA                                        Craft: Ruination IPA

ABV: 6.5%                                                           ABV: 8.2%

The Rogue starts off with aromas of hops and barley, with a nice complement of floral notes as well. The Yellow Snow is easy to drink.  It has a malty sweetness that counters the solid hoppiness in addition to a breadiness that makes you feel like you’re just enjoying a sandwich.

The Stone starts off with aromas of bread, caramel, and hops.  I even sniffed out some apple in there.  The Ruination is supposed to ruin my palate.  I would say it blesses my palate with a smooth, hoppy, bready goodness that makes me want to drink another one.

It is hard to compare the two beers to each other, since they drink differently.  If you want a “gateway” IPA, then choose the Yellow Snow.  If you want an IPA that shows everyone you mean business, then choose the Ruination.  What would I choose, you ask?  I’d pick the Stone Ruination IPA every time.  Stone knows how to make an IPA.


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