Beer 6 of winter is…

Troegs Mad Elf

Brewer: Tröegs                     Craft: Mad Elf                       ABV: 11%

This beer was introduced to me by a friend of mine a few years ago.  The same friend, in fact, who got me on this craft band wagon.  Thanks Chris.  I have avoided the Mad Elf ever since that initial experience.  Why?  Not sure.  Maybe I didn’t think it would be close to the same experience.  Maybe I wanted it to be a one and done.  Maybe it was because my tastes back then weren’t as matured as they are now.

That last sentence just sounds so, what’s the word, ridiculous.  I’m not mature.  But anyway, the Mad Elf aroma is solid cherry all the way.  Subtle malty notes also waft into the picture.  When you drink it, the sweetness from the honey complements the sourness from the cherry as you sip this higher alcohol craft. Did you notice the color?  My picture doesn’t do it justice.  It is the most unique red I’ve ever seen.  Okay.  Exaggeration.  But it is an amazingly intense, deep reddish, amberish, cherry goodness.

You definitely want to take your time with this one.  Not only because of the ABV, but because you want to enjoy the quality of this craft beer.  It is smooth; it has warmth; it has depth.

I’m glad I bought myself a six-pack of the Mad Elf this year.  You should do the same.  I’ll be enjoying them throughout the winter, whenever I need to get warm from the inside.


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