Beer Thousand of winter – huh?

Dogfish Head Beer Thousand

Brewer: Dogfish Head                  Craft: Beer Thousand                ABV: 10%

Well, okay.  It’s really beer 8 of winter.  But I couldn’t resist.  And I have to be up front with you right now.  I’m a big fan of Dogfish Head.  They don’t just make beer, they craft beer.

That being said, this offering from them does not disappoint on any level.  A quick description of the beer from the label:

“10 grains x 10 hops x 10% = Beer Thousand.”  It sounds like a great idea.  It was.

The aromas are subtle.  Citrus, caramel, and a malty sweetness blend together to create a softness that does not overpower your nose, but rather foreshadows the cornucopia of tastes to come.

And once you start drinking this craft, the tastes continue to develop.  It starts off with the notes your nose has pulled already.  You get the citrus.  You get the caramel smoothness and sweetness.  You get the malty sweetness. But then your palate picks up on subtle spice notes. And then you realize there’s some wheaty smoothness.  Oh, wait, is that rye?  And could that be banana?  Don’t be surprised if you find more in there.

With all of these flavors you would think it could be a mess.  But it is the complete opposite of a mess.  It is an organized, complete package of buttery smooth, subtly sweet, subtly spiced, on the verge of boozy, goodness in a goblet.  If you can find it, buy it.  You won’t regret it.


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