Beers 11 & 12…

Troegs Jovial                               Troegs LaGrave

Brewer: Tröegs                                                    Brewer: Tröegs

Craft: JO-VI-AL                                                    Craft: LaGrave

ABV: 7.0%                                                           ABV: 8.0%

And why not!  I thought this might be fun to compare two beers from the same brewer in a style that’s the same but different.  So let’s see what happens…

The JO-VI-AL is a Belgian-style dubbel ale.  The dubbel style is normally a matly, (double the malt), fruity ale between 6% and 8%.  This one hits the bulls-eye.  It’s malty.  It’s got some fruity notes, however subtle they may be.  It’s got a smooth, caramel sweetness.  It’s what I would call frothy – a full, thick-bodied mouth-feel.  Now, on the bottle they claim there are more specific fruit notes than I picked up on.  They are all earthy fruit notes and they all complement each other.  It borders on being a savory beer.  Sounds strange, I know.  So, I’ll leave that up to you to decide if you can pick up on those.

The LaGrave is a Belgian-style triple golden ale.  The triple style is triple the malt, which makes it stronger, typically 8% to 10%.  This one has solid notes of banana and clove, and has a wheaty character to it.  It is definitely malty; but as a golden ale because of the yeast, it is also, somehow, clean and refreshing.

Two Belgian-style ales.  This is an interesting ring.  A dubbel.  A triple.  Malty.  Maltier.  Fruity.  Fruity.  So here’s the tally.  If I had to pick just one to drink right now to warm me up during these cold winter months?  It would be the JO-VI-AL.  Don’t get me wrong.  The LaGrave is a solid ale with character and substance.  But I’d take the malty, caramely, earthy, fruity, smooth dubbel – it comforts me, it warms me from the inside.

It is what I want to drink when winter’s chill tries to maintain its grasp.  I feel optimistic and infinite merriment.  I feel – Jovial.


3 thoughts on “Beers 11 & 12…

  1. Bill Anderson says:

    I love this blog!! It’s great to hear about different beers that I either have already tried and want to get a different perspective on, or beers that I want to try and perhaps will get more (or less) excited to try them. Keep up the good work here, I’m a big fan already! Cheers!


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