Beer 17 of winter

Lagunitas Little Sumpin Wild

Brewer: Lagunitas              Craft: A Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale               ABV: 8.9%

I’ve come to appreciate Lagunitas’ no frills style.  They make beer the way they want to.  That may sound strange, but often it seems that brewers get swayed by the going fad or by other trends or by their fans.  These guys make a craft and if you like, great.  If not, oh well.

This craft brings a bready, floral, hoppy aroma with notes of apple as well.  Intriguing.  As you take the first sip, it is immediately light and refreshing.  As your tongue adjusts to what just happened, you may pick up on notes of orange and apple.  A Little Sumpin’ finishes hoppy and unexpectedly creamy.

With all of the hop bombs out there these days, this is a nice change of pace.  Don’t get me wrong – I love a good solid hoppy IPA.  But lots of character and flavors make an appearance in this craft that create a unique drinking experience.  And it is really easy to drink – which could be dangerous at almost 9%.  Enjoy!


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