Beer 18 of winter warms…

Summit Winter

Brewer: Summit                   Craft: Winter Ale                    ABV: 6.2%

So, as I have said before, there are lots of winter warmers out there now.  This, would be one of them.  Let’s see how this one stacks up…

This craft is a solid competitor.  The malty aroma is what you would expect to hit your nose.  And then that malty sweetness transforms into a caramel sweetness as you drink.  Subtle notes of chocolate also develop.  The spice character you seek from a winter warmer only makes an appearance in the finish, which is surprising and welcomed.

Anything that separates a craft from the others, in a good way, makes me appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness that goes into making a good beer.  I finished my Summit Winter Ale and thought to myself, “Self, I would drink this again.”  Not sure why I called myself self instead of using my own name.  Distracted by how much I liked this beer, I guess.  If you’re looking for a winter warmer that separates itself from the rest, find this one.  Cheers.


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