Beer 21 of winter winter winter

Brewer: Neshaminy Creek Craft: Tribute Tripel ABV: 9.3%
I thought I’d feature a local brewery for this post. Well, local for me. Neshaminy Creek is a small brewery, but they know how to craft quality beer. Not one of their craft has disappointed me yet.
“This is not the greatest Tripel in the world; this is just a tribute.” Those are NCBC’s words to describe their craft. If this is what they call a tribute, then sign me up.
The smooth malty backbone, from triple the malt, is sturdy, steady, and solid. This craft drinks like a glass of whiskey. Mellow. Warm. And it reminds you it is a beer with a bready, yeasty quality to it.
Even the color is reminiscent of a low ball full of whiskey – a warm, amber, reddish brown. Now I want a glass of whiskey. But that’s a whole different blog.
I hope you can find this in a store near you. If you do, buy it. When you’re ready to drink it, take your time and enjoy it. This craft beer will not disappoint you. Cheers!


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