Beer 22 of winter

Brewer: Anchor Craft: Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2014 ABV: 5.5%
I look forward to this craft coming out every year. Here’s a paraphrase from the label: “The Ale’s recipe is different every year…but the intent…remains the same: joy and celebration of the newness of life.”
I mean, c’mon. Joy and celebration of life! Christmas! One moment please – let me take a sip and calm down.
This year’s ale is malt forward and has a buttery caramel sweetness. And then a chocolate thread is spun through and lingers on your tongue. It’s smooth and I’m tasting a little spice in there from cinnamon or allspice or maybe ginger.
2013’s offering, if I recall correctly, was more of a porter. This craft is a definite ale, and the longer it lingers, the more I would call it a gingerbread ale. I liked last year’s better, but 2014 is no slouch. This beer is one of the few that really reminds of Christmas. Cheers to you and yours – and Merry Christmas!


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