Beer 23 of winter – Session Ale

Brewer: 21st Amendment Craft: Bitter American ABV: 4.4%
Couple thoughts to start this one off…
First – thanks to my friend Tim for the glass.
Second – I in no way, shape, or form support the Texans. I’m an Eagles fan. Just so you know.
Third – I may be a bitter American if the Eagles don’t win this game today.
Chest cleared. Thanks.
So onto some beer! This craft is a session ale, meaning that you can drink a good number of them in one drinking session. They are typically 4-6% ABV.
This definitely fits into the session category. Bitter American has a citrus and hoppy aroma to start. And that doesn’t change once you start drinking. Solid notes of orange and lemon hit your palate first and let you know that this is not your typical pale ale. The beer finishes with a bitterness that is not too much – it’s just enough to remind you that it’s a pale ale.
To be honest with you, this craft borders on too sweet for being a pale ale, and for the name it’s given. But if you’re looking for a gateway pale ale, this might be the one. I could certainly go through a few of these in a drinking session. Cheers!


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