Beer 25 of winter – 11%

Brewer: Stone Craft: Double Bastard 2014 ABV: 11%
If you like your beer like you like your whiskey, then this craft is for you.
I’ve had the Arrogant Bastard, and you’ve already heard about the Lukcy Basartd. So I had to give the Double a try of course. Not necessarily the natural progression, but that’s the way it happened. You’ll just have to deal with it. Guess that’s the beer talking.
The Arrogant has a boldness to it that I like and expect from Stone. The Lukcy was smoother and more mellow, since it is a blend of three different bastards. You’d think blending three bastards would go awry. It doesn’t.
Which leads me to the Double. It has such a malty warmth to it, which is why it reminds me of a whiskey or bourbon. And it has a hop bitterness to it as well, which you expect from Stone. The two work so well together here.
At 11%, don’t be ashamed to take your time. Enjoy the character built into your soul by this unabashedly bold, yet powerfully smooth craft.
Each bastard has his own reasons for coming to your party. Choose wisely, my friends, when you invite one to yours. Cheers.


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