Beer 26 of winter – IPA

Brewer: Saucony Creek Craft: Stonefly IPA ABV: 6.8%
Here’s another local craft I’ve been curious about. Saucony Creek makes a couple beers I’ve had that I enjoyed: Maple Mistress and a cherry chocolate stout of which the name escapes me. Both are full of flavor and warmth, so I thought I’d catch the Stonefly and see if it matches it’s siblings.
Subtle bitter aromas from the hops along with solid citrus aromas give you a preview of the tastes you’ll find when you’re drinking it.
The citrus notes lead the way in this craft. So most IPAs are smooth and crisp. At least that’s what I expect when I drink an IPA. But this craft is creamy. Not sure how they pulled that off but I like it. It softens the sweetness. The finish is where the bitter hops make their appearance. It’s a nice, low key bitterness that just reminds you you’re drinking an IPA.
This craft is definitely not your typical IPA. Somehow a cream ale and IPA mix together here for a unique and interesting beer. Enjoy.


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