Beer 29 of winter – make it a double

Brewer: Rock Bottom Craft: Hoppy New Beer! ABV: 8.5%
I went out to lunch today with my wife and I only had time for one beer. So I wanted to choose wisely. I knew I was planning on having a burger of some sort, so I thought an IPA would compliment the juicy, fatty yumminess of a burger. I made a great choice.
This double IPA craft beer has a great citrus aroma with a hint of bitterness. Once I took my first sip, I just kept nodding my head as if I was a bobblehead. The orange and subtle grapefruit citrus notes come forward first, and then the bitter hops linger on the back of your tongue. I like that because I want to know I’m drinking an IPA; I don’t want to have to remind myself.
I’ll tell you also that my wife, who is not an IPA drinker, tried it and she liked it. She even said she’d drink a whole one! So for those of you who are hesitant to try an IPA, find yourself a Rock Bottom Brewery restaurant and give this quaffable yet strong craft beer a try. Cheers!


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