Beer 30 of winter – Ok! Let’s party!!

Brewer: Flying Dog Craft: Gonzo Imperial Porter ABV: 9.2%
The words in the title are the those of the character on the bottle. Not sure if I’d call this a party beer, but I’m certainly enjoying it.
Chocolate and coffee notes drive this craft beer and bring a solid roasty smoothness along for the ride. I’m even picking up hints of vanilla in there. You want to take your time with this one and let the flavors build as it warms.
The higher ABV may give you another reason to slow this party down. I like an imperial porter because it feels like I’m drinking my favorite cup of coffee. You don’t want it to end. And it seems to get better the longer you drink it.
I’m getting a little bitterness on my tongue as I let the party rock on. Probably from the coffee and whatever hops they use to help make this craft imperial.
I’ve traditionally been a porter/stout guy. The IPAs have made a strong movement recently into the list of go to crafts. But this Gonzo has reminded me of my beginnings. And I’m glad it did. Never forget where you started. Enjoy!


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