Beers of New Year’s Eve…


It’s New Year’s Eve! Woohoo! Let’s party! Well, something like that…

For me NYE is all about tradition.  Every year for the past several I, along with my wife Kristin and my sister-in-law Kate, have enjoyed watching Three Sheets episodes (Three Sheets Facebook Page), drinking various beers, and eating cheese and bread and whatever else we decide to eat.  The tradition continues…

So what you see is the collection of crafts that I will be enjoying some of, but not all.  I like to let the night develop and see what my mood tells me.  I like to start with something lighter, so the shandy will be first.  And I’ll be ending with either the Great Lakes stout or one of the Dogfish Head crafts.  But in between is up for grabs.

I’ll also be adding some Chug into the mix this year as well.  Make sure you watch the full one hour episodes of Chug, not the stripped down version they air on the National Geographic channel.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out any of Zane Lamprey’s stuff, please make an effort to do just that.  He is hilarious and probably has one of the best jobs on earth. (Zane Lamprey’s Facebook Page)

So here’s my suggestions for NYE: First, be safe.  Second, drink craft beer.  Avoid the typical champagne or lite beer parade.  I guess you could indulge in liquor based drinks if you prefer.   Or even wine.  But I’d shake my head disappointedly.  Third, make it an event you’ll remember.  Don’t just go to some party and get wasted and end up with your pants on your head the next morning when you wake up on the bathroom floor because you peed everywhere except where you were supposed to and forgot your name so they had to put you in there and lock the door.  That doesn’t sound like any fun.  (Zane might think differently!)  Maybe I’m just getting old in my old age.   You should remember what happened and want to do it again next year and every year after that.  Tradition!

So what I’m saying is, have fun and make it a night to remember.  Start a tradition if you don’t have one, or continue your traditions and make them better.  And drink craft beer!  Happy New Year!  Cheers! – Ed


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