Beer 43 vs. beer 44 of winter – chocolate peanut butter throwdown!

Evil Genius PMD

Brewer: Evil Genius       Craft: Purple Monkey Dishwasher       ABV: 6.7%

First up – you did read that correctly.  For some reason Evil Genius decided to name their craft Purple Monkey Dishwasher.  I’m sure there is some good reason or some weird reason or maybe it’s just some random reason.  In any case, PMD is a chocolate peanut butter porter.  So let’s eat.

I mean, drink.  Well, yeah, no.  I mean, eat.  Because PMD is all about the peanut butter.  That’s all it is.  Peanut butter in the nose.  Peanut butter in the taste.  Peanut butter all the time.  I had high hopes for this craft.  But they were dashed.  I got no chocolate.  I got no malts.  I got no character.

All I got was a glass of drinkable peanut butter.  If that’s what you’re looking for, then this is your craft.  I wanted, and needed, more.

DuClaw SBJ

Brewer: DuClaw        Craft: Sweet Baby Jesus       ABV: 6.5%

First up – you did read that correctly.  For some reason DuClaw decided to name their craft Sweet Baby Jesus.  And I know why.  Because those are the first three words that come out of your mouth after you’ve taken your first sip of this chocolate peanut butter porter.

This is what cpbp should taste like.  This is it.  SBJ is the standard by which all others are measured.

The aroma.  Oh the aroma.  When I lift the mug to my nose, I’m hit with the notion that I’ll soon be enjoying a peanut butter beer.  But oh, does it get better.

The taste.  Oh the taste.  When I lift the mug to my lips, and I take that first sip, I’m eating a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup.  The milk chocolatey sweetness mixes perfectly with the peanut buttery smoothness.  Even the malty goodness chimes in and makes its presence known.  Sweet Baby Jesus indeed!

Tale of the tape: So, as you can probably tell, this was a close one.  Ha ha ha.  Chuckle.  Do yourself a favor.  Stop whatever it is that you’re doing.  No wait.  You’re reading this.  After you’re done reading this, immediately get in your car and go buy yourself some Sweet Baby Jesus by DuClaw.  Do it.  I’m not trying to bully you.  Do it.  It’ll make you feel good.  You’ll thank me.  You’re welcome.  Enjoy!


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