Beer 45 of winter – AIPA

Champion Missile IPA

Brewer: Champion       Craft: Missile IPA       ABV: 7%

An American IPA is what we have on the menu tonight.  Champion used pale ale malts, which gives this craft a soft, supple smoothness.  They used three different varieties of hops which provide solid citrus notes, along with subtle floral and bitter hop notes.

The Missile IPA is a bit different than your typical IPA.  It drinks smoother than others, and the bitterness is present but underlying.  This is definitely an IPA, but a nice change of pace from some of the hoppier choices.  I think the malty character of this craft is what really sets it apart.  It almost borders on creamy.

This would be an easy beer to drink every day.  Or even drink a few in a day.  But at 7%, it’s not really a session ale.  So watch yourself.  And if you’re looking for something else from Champion that you could drink every day, look for their Killer Kolsch.  Good things coming out of Charlottesville, Virginia.  Cheers.


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