Beer 46 of winter – RIS

North Coast Old Rasputin

Brewer: North Coast       Craft: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout       ABV: 9%

So this is not my first time having the Old Rasp.  But it has been a while.  I’m not sure what took me so long.  This craft is as good as I remember it; maybe even better.

Aromas of roasted malts and chocolate lead the way.  The Old Rasp is easy to drink.  Maybe too easy – at 9%, I’m definitely feeling the Imperial presence in this Russian Imperial Stout.  But I don’t care, because it tastes so good.  I’m being warmed from the inside by all of the chocolatey, roasty goodness.  There is also a lingering, gentle bitterness in the finish.  I like that too.  It’s got some character.

This beer is not your typical stout.  Old Rasputin is not like a Guinness or a Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro.  It is crafted to meet the harsh conditions of the cold Russian winters and meet the high standards of Catherine the Great.  Don’t be surprised by this craft.  That is not it’s intent.  It is intended to provide you warmth, comfort, and fullness.  Enjoy!


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