Beer 52 of winter – Brutal Comfort

Rogue Brutal IPA

Brewer: Rogue       Craft: Brutal IPA       ABV: 6%

I understand.  They’re Rogue.  So they’re tough and what not.  So the Brutal IPA is a tough name.  But the craft is anything but brutal.  So I’m not sure what they were going for there.  This Brutal IPA is malty and has a full mouth-feel that borders on creamy.  It has a citrus nose and that follows through in the taste.  The hops are hidden throughout the craft, and only appear, for me, as supporting characters.

I’m surprised and pleased.  The Brutal IPA is smooth, sweet, and consistently, but subtly hoppy.  I expected an in-your-face hop bomb of a craft beer.  What I got was a composed, complex, and comforting IPA that even my wife said was pretty good.  And that’s a ringing endorsement from a woman who avoids the IPAs like it’s her job.  Brutal?  Not really.  Comfort?  Totally.  Consider a re-naming ceremony, maybe?  Comfort IPA…I guess it doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Any name you give it, I’d drink it again and again.  Cheers!


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