Beer 57 of winter – it’s not what you think, but it is…

Sierra Nevada Nooner

Brewer: Sierra Nevada       Craft: Nooner       ABV: 5.2%

I was blessed with a snow day today from the blizzard that turned into a nuisance snow for us here in eastern Pennsylvania.  I’ll take it.  And that means, you guessed it, daytime drinking!  And what better choice of craft to enjoy than the Nooner.  I think everyone enjoys a Nooner every now and then.  So I saw this as my opportunity.

The Nooner is a pilsner, which are normally crisp, clean, and bitter.  And this craft is no different in that regard.  But it also has some solid floral notes from the whole cone hops they use that add a another layer of flavor and depth.  Nooner drinks like a pilsner, but for me has a smoothness to it that other pilsners lack.  I even pick up a subtle spice character in there from the hops as well.  This is an easy drinking beer for an afternoon spent at home or with a quick lunch before you head back to work.

If you haven’t had a Nooner in a while, or ever, then reward yourself.  You deserve it.  I know I always feel better after I’ve had a Nooner.  Cheers!


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