Beer 58 of winter – to the Max!

Lagunitas Maximus

Brewer: Lagunitas       Craft: Maximus IPA       ABV: 8.2%

I think I’ve caught a cold.  Well, maybe.  You know how you get that tickle in your throat and you’ve got that little cough?  You’re feeling a little stuffy and you’re hoping it doesn’t spiral into whiny sickness…

So I thought it would be a good idea to drink some craft beer to kill off those germs.  And why not do it to the Maximus?  The Maximus IPA from Lagunitas was a wise choice.  At 8.2%, it certainly will have a go at warding off any establishment of colonies.  All I keep saying as I’m drinking this is ‘man this is good!’.

This is definitely an IPA.  Floral notes from the hops are present in the aroma and in the taste.  There is a smooth sweetness throughout, which I can only assume is from the malts they use.  The hops that provide the bitterness do it well and do it mostly in the finish.  This totally feels like an IPA made in California.  Man this is good.

So I’ve decided to roll out a new rating system.  It’s pretty simple in its construction.  I’m going to include, if I can remember to, how I would purchase the craft in the future.  Here’s what I mean.  The Lagunitas Maximus IPA is a craft of which I would buy a case.  It is that good.  I could drink a lot of these.  And I would pay to do so.  Cheers!

Rating: Buy a case!


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