Beer 59 of winter – tis’ the Saison

Allagash Saison

Brewer: Allagash       Craft: Saison       ABV: 6.1%

Such a simple name.  Saison.  Translated it just means season.  But that simple name holds a secret.  A secret well worth discovering.

This Saison is much more complex than I expected.  Most saisons have a clean, crisp drinkability to them with some spice notes.  So I guess most saisons are rather simple in nature.  Not this one.  Allagash has done a feat.  They have added depth, and layers to their Saison that are unexpected, but they make this craft one of my favorite beers right now.

It starts off like most saisons – clean and crisp.  There is a subtle sweetness then that is characteristic of most Belgian style ales.  The standard floral spice notes are present throughout.  And then I get a biscuity, almost cracker like taste in there.  Well that’s unexpected.  But it works.  And then I get a buttery smoothness toward the finish that I didn’t expect either.  But it works.  And somehow it still finishes clean and dry.

This beer is now firmly planted in my top ten at the moment.  An unexpected but interesting craft has worked its way on to the list.  I love that.  That is one of the main reasons I so enjoy trying new beers.  Because every once in a while one comes along and surprises me.  And there’s the key.  Keep drinking, folks.  Keep trying.  Drink new beers.  Don’t be afraid.  Enjoy!

Rating: Buy a case!


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