Beer 61 of winter – don’t be a Hero…

Liquid Hero

Brewer: Liquid Hero       Craft: Vanilla Bean Stout       ABV: 5.8%

Drink one.  What a great name for a brewery.  Liquid Hero.

The craft of choice tonight is the Vanilla Bean Stout.  I consider myself a dark beer guy.  Stouts and porters are my comfort beers.  They are the ones that I go back to when I’m ready to relax and call it a night.  And now I can add this craft to the list of go to stouts.

The aroma is rich and full of vanilla, caramel, and coffee notes.  And since I’m a stout guy, I can say that, in that genre, I prefer a good vanilla stout over any other.  This craft does not disappoint.  It is ultra smooth and it’s not even a nitro craft.  The vanilla notes are omnipresent, and thank God for that.  A vanilla bean stout should be a vanilla bean stout.  The caramel notes also raise their hand when attendance is taken, along with some subtle chocolate and coffee notes.

This is a rich, smooth, intensely vanilla stout that I could certainly drink over and over again.  But I wouldn’t go as far as buying a case.  For me, it is one of those crafts that I want to remain what it is – an experience in drinking.  I want to fuss over those flavors and notes every time.  Cheers!

Rating: buy a six-pack


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