Beer 62 of winter – session IPA

Terrapin Recreation Ale

Brewer: Terrapin       Craft: Recreation Ale       ABV: 4.7%

I wanted to have a beer with dinner tonight.  I wasn’t thinking of pairing a beer with my food, rather I was thinking I want to drink a beer with dinner.  So I looked in the beer fridge and there staring back at me was the session IPA from Terrapin.  Winner winner chicken dinner.  That’s actually what I had!

So I chose the Recreation Ale for a couple of reasons.  First, it’s a session ale.  At 4.7%, it’s drinkable in numbers.  And since I knew I’d be having some more crafts later, I figured this would fit the bill.  Second, it’s also an IPA, which meant, at least I hoped it would mean, that it would have something to it.  It wouldn’t just be a boring, simple beer.

Well I chose wisely.  This craft was just what I needed with dinner.  The aroma was bready and citrus infused.  The taste was just as good.  Notes of biscuit, pineapple, lemon, tangerine, and bittering hops all blend together in a session of delicious quaffability.  Thank you sir, may I have another?

I was frankly disappointed when I was done drinking the Recreation Ale, because I didn’t have any more of it in the fridge.  But that just means I’ll get to choose something else!  Also, I like when brewers think about different styles and different flavors to combine to create something the hard way.  Terrapin have done just that.  So add this to your list of easy drinking crafts.  Cheers!

Rating: buy a case


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