Beer 63 of winter – a lil’ sweetness in my life


Brewer: Sixpoint       Craft: Sweet Action       ABV: 5.2%

I’m fresh off an awesome experience I had a couple of days ago which you will hear more about soon.  A little interest piqued is never a bad thing, right?

So tonight we have the Sweet Action from Sixpoint.  I have had a few crafts from them before, and I have been pretty impressed.  I was curious about this one because it says on the can that it’s “undefinable.”  Well, I’m going to try.

It is definitely sweet.  Whether it’s from the malts and/or something else they add, it is smooth and warm.  It is not too sweet, though.  As I continue to drink I start to pick up on a subtle bitterness.  I’m guessing that’ll be from the hops.  For me, this drinks like an English ale.  It’s malty and easy to drink.  It’s got some bitterness, but not enough to mask the sweet action that’s happening.

This is not your typical ale.  Sixpoint are known for their Mad Science.  And this craft certainly has an interesting formula to say the least.  It doesn’t quite fit the mold of most beers you’re going to drink.  I wouldn’t call it the most interesting beer I’ve ever had.  But it does kinda make you tilt your head.  Enjoy!

Rating: buy a sixpack


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