Beer 65 of winter – take a Detour


Brewer: Uinta       Craft: Detour       ABV: 9.5%

I opened the bottle and poured the beer into the recommended glass on the label.  I brought the glass to my nose.  And that’s when I knew…

That’s when I knew this would be an awesome drinking experience.  Fruity, malty, bready aromas abound!  Notes of apple, pear, bread, malty sweetness, and floral hoppy goodness all waft out of the glass and have a party in my nose.  Woohoo!

Taste it!  Taste it!  Why do I keep yelling?  I’m just enjoying the Detour.

Warmth.  That is the overarching thought I keep having as I drink this craft.  It has a warm, full finish.  Strange to start with the finish, but that’s what lingers and acts like a thread for this craft.  Another thread sewn in is the malty character that comes from it being a double IPA.  Using twice the malted barley adds that smoothness and sweetness which counters the solid hoppy backbone.

I am enamored with this beer.  I am frankly surprised that I like it this much.  This by far is the best craft I’ve had from Uinta.  At 9.5%, it’s not one you can drink too many of in one session.  But that doesn’t bother me.  I’d drink this beer over and over again.  It makes the fun go longer…Enjoy!  Cheers!

Rating: buy a case!


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