Beer 66 of winter – Belgian Stout

Conshy Belgian Stout

Brewer: Conshohocken       Craft: Belgian Stout       ABV: 5.3%

Valentine’s Day is a day for romance and love.  And when you’ve been married for 11 years and have two kids, it’s a day for lunch out with the family, dinner at home and relaxing with the wife after the kids are asleep with some craft beer we obtained when we were at beer school.  (see Beer 64 of winter)

So we (and by we I mean my wife) had the forethought to bring a growler so we could take some craft home with us.  We both liked the Belgian Stout, so that was the beer of choice.  And I thought it would be a good idea to share it on the most commercialized romantic day of the year.  Yes, that was me this time.

The Belgian Stout is pretty standard with some defining elements that separates it from some of the others out there.  The roasty, malty aromas are there as expected.  Those notes of roasted barley and malty sweetness also make this craft drinkable and smooth.  Chocolate and coffee notes add some depth.  The Belgian yeast that is used changes the sweetness and character of the standard stout into something warmer and subtly spiced.

I mentioned that we filled a growler with this craft.  A note on that – when you get a growler filled, don’t open it unless you know you can drink it all in one session.  Once you crack it open, it starts to lose it’s carbonation and goes flat pretty quickly.  I’ve learned this from experience and from other crafters.

I knew Kristin and I wouldn’t mind drinking this sessionable craft since there’s about 4-5 beers in the growler.  The Belgian Stout is a solid choice from a quality list of tasty beverages over at CBCo.  Check them out if you get a chance.  Cheers!

Rating: get a growler


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