Beer 69 of winter – easy as 1-2-3 Philosophers

Ommegang 3Phil

Brewer: Ommegang       Craft: Three Philosophers       ABV: 9.7%

Here’s another craft that, for me, has developed over time and grasped a spot in the favorites of all time.  This craft is no joke.  The first time I had 3Phil I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into.  But now that I have had it a few times, I understand the complexity, boldness, and presence that this beer holds.

The aroma is pure malty goodness.  3Phil is packed with four times the malted barley, hence the quadrupel tag.  So you should expect that the malty sweetness and bready warmth would drive this craft.  And they do.  Oh they do.  The warmth and full body of this beer are omnipresent.  But then, as you drink, the tartness of the cherries nudge their way through.  It is just enough to add some edge to all of that malty, caramely, even vanilla-y character.

This is a craft you can let sit and warm up.  As it warms the malty goodness smooths out even more and the cherries’ presence are noticed even more as well.  What a craft beer.  This is one for savoring, and maybe even, I don’t know, making a fuss.  Enjoy it.  Take your time.  Cheers!

Rating: buy a four-pack


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