Beer 70 of winter – drink that J.A.W.N.


Brewer: Neshaminy Creek       Craft: J.A.W.N.       ABV: 5.2%

Slang.  When you live somewhere for long enough you start to learn the local vernacular.  And when I started teaching at the school where I currently am, I learned a new word I had never heard before, even though I grew up in the area.  That word?  That word was jawn.

Jawn is basically another word for thing.  For example: “Hey, hand me that jawn.”  Or in reference to a particular person: “Did you see that jawn? He be trippin.”  Or when you’re multiplying two binomials: “FOIL that jawn up!”  It is essentially the lazy person’s way of not saying what they actually need and instead using slang that covers the spectrum.

So when I heard that NCBC had crafted a beer called J.A.W.N., I was completely and utterly excited to try it.  Of course, I’d have been satisfied with however it tasted.  Just the fact that they chose to call it what they did was frankly enough for me.  But I probably would have been a little disappointed if it was nothing to write to you about.

Well good news!  That J.A.W.N. is a quality craft!  The bready, citrusy aroma starts off the beer in a refreshing, enticing way.  Even some floral and bitter hoppy notes poke through.  Once you start drinking, you’re met with a citrus infused, malty, hoppy pale ale.  It’s easy to drink, but it has some body and character to it.  And at only 5.2%, you could easily drink a few of these jawns in a session.  It has a nice, dry, bitter finish that you would expect with a pale ale, with a hint of lingering malty sweetness as well.

So this Juicy Ale With Nugget craft has met and exceeded my expectations.  I could drink this J.A.W.N. every day and not get tired of it.  I think everyone should have a short list of go-to beers to keep on hand in case of an emergency.  This jawn has made my list.  It should make yours as well.  Cheers!

Rating: get a case of this J.A.W.N.!


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