Beer 1 of Spring – Rebel with a cause

Sam Adams Rebel Rider

Brewer: Samuel Adams       Craft: Rebel Rider IPA       ABV: 4.5%

Welcome to Spring!  I know, I know.  It’s not really Spring yet.  But my philosophy on that differs slightly from the convention.  Spring for me runs from March 1 until Memorial Day.  So Spring it is.

And I decided to start Spring with a session IPA.  Again, a session ale is one you could drink a few of in a particular drinking session.  I’m only drinking one, because I’ll be having some other crafts as well.  But this is a great way to start the session.

The Rebel Rider is clean, crisp, and refreshing.  The subtle hoppiness is just enough to add a bit of depth to offset the crispness.  This craft definitely says Spring to me.  It gives me a sense that the cold, snowy winter is over and the lighter, warmer weather is on the way along with the blossoming, flowering hops that go into this West Coast style IPA.  The lighter, citrusy, floral style is represented well here in this craft.

I know Sam Adams is probably one of the biggest craft brewers out there, but I feel like they are able to hold true to their roots and continue to craft quality yet innovative beer.  And this craft is a prime example.  If you’re looking for another campfire beer, add this one to the list.

Rating: buy a case


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