Beer 5 of Spring – More Tradition…

Sly Fox Pils

Brewer: Sly Fox       Craft: Pikeland Pils       ABV: 4.9%

Here’s another pilsner in the series.  This craft is similar to the one I just posted about in Beer 4 of Spring.  The German malts, and the German and Czech hops, create the bitter, clean, and crisp pilsner you would expect.  The Pikeland Pils is not as deep in character as the Trauger Pilsner.  It is pretty straight forward.  A little sweetness from the malts plays against the bitterness and also contributes to a smooth finish.  And that finish is also dry, which I would expect, from the hops.

This craft is another traditional style pilsner.  And it’s a quality craft.  But if I had choose between the two, I’d probably pick the Trauger.  Though really you can’t go wrong with either.

Rating: buy a case


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