Beer 6 of Spring – more pilsner…

Hardywood Pils

Brewer: Hardywood       Craft: Pils       ABV: 5.2%

Next in line in the pilsner parade…

Hardywood is a new brewery to me, but this is a solid way to be introduced to them.  Their version of a pilsner is a quality craft with some traditional characteristics and some more contemporary ones as well.

The craft is crisp and clean, which again is what you would expect from a traditional style pilsner.  The bitterness is subtle with this one, although present throughout.  Where does the Pils differ from tradition?  I’m glad you asked.  It has a gentle sweetness to it.  And it also has what I would consider a creaminess to it.  I know that sounds strange.  It’s crisp and clean, but it’s also creamy.  Almost buttery.  I like it.

Whenever I try a craft from a new brewery, I’m a little wary.  But I’m always willing to try.  And that again is my lesson.  Keep trying craft beer.  You’re not going to like every one of them.  But you don’t know unless you try!  Cheers!

Rating: buy a six-pack


One thought on “Beer 6 of Spring – more pilsner…

  1. Bill Anderson says:

    Wow, I’m surprised you get Hardywood up there, that’s awesome! the Brewery is about 35 minutes from us.. They have some really nice reserve series beers and barrel aged ones as well.. very cool!!

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