Beer 8 of Spring – DIPA

Ballast Point Dorado

Brewer: Ballast Point       Craft: Dorado       ABV: 10.0%

A double IPA in the chalice tonight.  Took my time.  Made sure I enjoyed it.  And I expected good things from a solid brewer in Ballast Point.

Dorado has a solid malty backbone, which you would expect from double the malted barley.  The imperial character is definitely there with the 10.0% ABV, which I feel, though not as much as I expected.  The hops – well, there are definitely some bittering hops in there.  But I’m sad to say I was disappointed by the hop characters in this craft.  Or lack thereof.

It was almost too basic for me.  It felt like the malts were overriding the hops.  Obivously, Ballast Point meant for it to be that way.  But I want a DIPA to have a nice balance of malt and hops.  Just too much malty, bready action for me.  So, I look forward to trying some other crafts from BP.  And I hope they are just as enjoyable to drink, even if this one didn’t fit my palate.  Maybe it will fit yours…cheers.

Rating: put one in your fun-pack to try…(a fun-pack is a mix-a-six-pack that you can make yourself.  That’s how I end up trying many of the beers I drink.)


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