Beer 10 of Spring – Chill, yo!

Great Lakes Chillwave

Brewer: Great Lakes       Craft: Chillwave Double IPA       ABV: 9.4%

Another DIPA?!  Yes!  Yes!  It would seem that as much as Spring is pilsner season, it is DIPA season as well.  I’m not really sure whether that’s true or not, but it’s working for me.  So I’m riding this wave.  See what I did there?

This craft has the malt backbone consistent with most double IPAs.  The hop character balances well with the malts and creates a solid platform for the added goodness.  If it weren’t for that, this would probably just be your run-of-the-mill DIPA.

But thank God it’s not!  Great Lakes added honey malt to this craft.  Honey malt.  Such an innocuous ingredient.  Bite your tongue.  It adds a warmth, a depth, a sweetness to this craft that I frankly was not expecting.  It’s pretty impressive what one additional ingredient can do to a craft.  It can go very wrong; or in this case, it can go oh so right.

This almost feels like an IPA that could be an intro IPA for those that are hesitant to try them.  Yes, at 9.4%, you’re going to feel it.  But there’s nothing wrong with that if you know what you’re getting into.  This craft surprised me, impressed me, and won me over.  I’d drink this again.  And again.  Cheers!

Rating: I’d buy a case of this (and if you’re into aging beer, I feel like this would age well.  It says to enjoy by a certain date, but suggestions are just that…)


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