Beer 12 of Spring – Farmhouse Inspired

Yards Saison

Brewer: Yards       Craft: Saison       ABV: 6.5%

A local craft is up to bat tonight.  Yards has been a favorite brewer of mine since I’ve been drinking craft beer.  So I was hopeful, yet hesitant, about this Belgian Style Saison.  Well, the verdict is in.  It’s another home run for them.  Can you tell I’m watching the Phillies game?

The aroma is immediately a saison in style.  It’s a dry, grain-like smell that sends me out into a hayfield.  I feel like I’m on a farm on a hot summer day and I’m looking forward to being refreshed.

The taste is slightly different than I’ve had in other saisons.  But it is a welcomed change.  The dry finish is certainly there.  And the subtle sweetness is there too.  This saison though has more of a malty, smooth character as opposed to a crisp, clean one.

So maybe this one isn’t for summer, but rather this craft should be enjoyed in spring.  You’ll be reminded that summer is just around the bend while you enjoy this slightly different take on a classic style.  Although it would certainly refresh you at the ballpark – especially if you’re watching the baseball that I am.  Let’s go Phillies!  Cheers!

Rating: Start with a six-pack


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