Beer 18 of Spring – Swim Swim Swim

River Horse

Brewer: River Horse       Craft: Tripel Horse       ABV: 10%

Grab the reins. This is one of those crafts that brings back memories.  I first tried this a couple years ago on draft with my friend who introduced me to craft beer.  Thanks again Chris.  It was amazing then, and it is even more amazing now.

This craft starts off malty and full of flavor.  Warm, Belgian-esque (subtly sweet and floral), caramely.  Then the spices build.  Wow the layers of flavor.  Then the tripel takes effect.  Triple the malted barley means triple the boozy goodness.  This craft is even better than I remember.  I’m in a derby that I don’t want to finish.

River Horse make some quality craft.  Tripel Horse might not be just be the place or the show – this might be the win.

Rating: get yourself a six-pack and enjoy the ride


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