Beer 19 of Spring – Goin’ fishin’

Ballast Point GS

Brewer: Ballast Point       Craft: Grapefruit Sculpin       ABV: 7.0%

Talk about balance.  Ok, I will.  Take it easy.  I’ve heard a lot about this beer.  I’ve seen a lot about this beer.  So I’ve been eager to give it a taste.  It was worth the wait.

The aroma is immediately grapefruit.  And that’s what I want.  If the first word in the name of the craft is grapefruit, then I expect it.  But I also get a biscuity, subtly hoppy aroma as well.

Go ahead.  Take a sip.  It’ll make you feel good.  Woah.  Sorry about the peer pressure there.  Not really though.  Here is where the balance beams.  The grapefruit is, again, immediately present.  But it does not overpower.  It does not overwhelm.  The hops counter the citrusy bitterness somehow.  They add another layer of flavor.  And all of the bitter layers are built on a firm foundation of malts.  Although Ballast Point does not mention it, I’m sure the malted barley adds to the warmth and sweetness of this craft.  It’s smooth and crisp at the same time.  Huh?  Yeah.  I don’t know how that works either.  But it does.

Grapefruit Sculpin has met and exceeded all of my expectations.  This could certainly be a gateway IPA, for those hesitant to try an IPA.  But it also meets my standards for a solid IPA.  I can’t wait to try the standard Sculpin now to see if the original can hook me.

Rating: Catch yourself a six-pack: I’d even think about buying a case of this it’s so good


One thought on “Beer 19 of Spring – Goin’ fishin’

  1. I concur, it certainly lives up to the hype! I literally had one just last night! One of the best balanced grapefruit dominated IPA’s on the market, and if I could find it more often, it would have a permanent spot in my fridge!

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