Beer 22 of Spring – Flash in the Glass

Green Flash

Brewer: Green Flash       Craft: West Coast IPA       ABV: 8.1%

Five different hop varieties create aromas and flavors aplenty.  When I pour this craft into the glass, which in this picture is not really the glass that Green Flash recommends, but serves it purpose nonetheless, I get such powerful citrus notes that I feel like I’m in an orange grove in California.  (Sometime soon I’ll post a new page about proper glassware…my wife will be happy since she keeps telling me I should)  Once the head dissipates, the malty warmth of the double IPA wafts up as well.

The taste is just as compelling.  Double the malted barley definitely lays down a solid foundation of caramely sweetness.  It’s warm and reminds me, albeit subtly, of whiskey.  The bittering hops are present from start to finish.  That’s really where this craft shines.  The hops start at the tip of my tongue and flow all the way back.  My mouth is awash in hoppy goodness!

West Coast IPA is completely and utterly its namesake.  Its west coast style of citrus notes blending with bitter hops on a base of malty smoothness makes me think I’m missing out on something totally awesome happening out there, dude.  Righteous.  This DIPA is not an “anyone can drink this” type of craft.  If you’re an IPA person, give this one a go.  Cheers!

By the way – check out The Beer Wench.  She is an awesome purveyor of Green Flash and craft beer!

Rating: at least a four-pack, maybe two!


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