Beer 23 of Spring – Outlaw

Two Brothers Outlaw

Brewer: Two Brothers       Craft: Outlaw       ABV: 6.3%

Warning.  Warning.  This is not a gateway IPA.  This here Outlaw is a hop lover’s craft.  The aroma is sweet.  There’s notes of malted barley, caramel, orange, tangerine, and bread.  This is definitely misleading.

Once you taste this craft, you’ll know.  You’ll know what I mean.  Hops.  Then hops.  Oh, and by the way, there’s hops.  Did I mention the hops?  Now, its not all hops.  I do get subtle, very subtle, notes of bread and tangerines.  But those hops though.  This is just a solid, consistent, malty, hoppy craft from Two Brothers.

I was introduced to Two Brothers by my Uncle Bryan, and frankly I’m thankful I was.  They make some good beer.  A couple other quality crafts they brew include Domaine DuPaige and Cain and Ebel.  Check them out.

So if you love hops, you’ll enjoy this beer.  If you’re a hophead, this craft is for you.  This is not West Coast.  This is not East Coast.  This is just, IPA.  Cheers!

Rating: Six-pack


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