Beer 26 of Spring – not a taxi ride

Heavy Seas Uber Pils

Brewer: Heavy Seas       Craft: Small Craft Warning       ABV: 7.0%

And now for something completely unexpected.  So, it being spring and all, the stouts and porters are less appealing right now.  Springtime is for drinking clean, crisp, flavorful beers.  This means more pilsners, IPAs, and pale ales.  Hey, this Small Craft is an Über Pils, which must mean it’s a pilsner?

Ha ha!  Fooled you!  Just like it fooled me.  This is unlike any beer I can remember having.  And I’ve had a few (must be close to 800 by now).  This is not what I would consider a pilsner.  Let’s find out why.  As it says on the label, this craft is “a rich, golden bock lager with big malt flavor and a crisp hop finish.”

Let me tell you, this craft is big and malty.  I’m not really even sure why they would use the pils tag.  Maybe they meant it like it’s so over the top pilsner that it transcends the genre.  Über does mean over, so I guess I’ll buy it.  But it seems like a misnomer.  Call it what it is – a wheaty, lagery, malty, bock with a nice simple hoppy finish that has a full mouth-feel and a carmely, ambery color.

Heavy Seas have created here a beer that kind of blows my mind.  It’s easy to drink.  It doesn’t fit the mold.  It is delicious.  I find myself wanting to have another one.  Über Pils?  Not so sure about that.  So maybe that’s my warning for you…don’t expect a pilsner.  Expect a hoppy bock.  You can’t call me convinced about the nickname, but you can call me a fan of this craft.

Rating: at least a six-pack or two – and if it’s your style, then buy a case


Beer 55 of winter – don’t be chicken

Atwater Winterbock

Brewer: Atwater       Craft: Winterbock       ABV: 7.5%

A little back story.  One of the beers I drank in my younger, less particular years was vitamin y, or as it is more commonly known, Yuengling Lager.  So I am very familiar with what a lager tastes like.  Lagers are fermented at colder temperatures than ales.  For me, that makes lagers drinkable in greater quantities.

So that brings me to the Atwater Winterbock.  A bock is a variety of lager that is a bit stronger and heartier than the normal lagers.  And this craft doesn’t disappoint.  I feel like I’m at Oktoberfest when I’m drinking this beer.  It’s easy to drink.  It’s smooth.  It’s malty and subtly sweet.  It has a nice hop undertone.  It’s a hearty, I could drink a few of these and start to wonder where my lederhosen are kind of craft.  Wait, what?  Anyhow, another successful brew from Atwater.  Enjoy!