Beer 29 of Spring – Rock & Roll

Sam Adams Porch Rocker

Brewer: Samuel Adams       Craft: Porch Rocker       ABV: 4.5%

Talk about accuracy in a name.  Ok, I will.  Good suggestion.  Sam Adams named this craft Porch Rocker and boy if they didn’t just about find the best name for this beer.  I could sit on my porch and drink one after another.  This craft is a Limited Release, which is a little disappointing.  I’d drink this any time of year.

This is another craft that I was glad to have after I came in from doing some yard work.  I was thirsting for something refreshing, sessionable, and flavorful.  So this time I chose the Porch Rocker.  It’s a lager, which gives it a full, drinkable character.  But then they add some lemon in there, which gives it a little depth; and they add some spices, which makes it zesty and full-flavored.

This is one of my favorite springtime beers.  But as I said before, I could totally drink this in summer, or even autumn.  The refreshing taste helps it rock into summer, and the spices keep it rolling into autumn.  Whatever time of year you’re drinking this, your thirst will be quenched.  Do yourself a favor…

Rating: Buy a case of this and savor it.  Hold on to some until summer and autumn and see if I’m right!


Beer 2 of Spring – Rebel with a different cause…

Sam Adams Rebel Rouser

Brewer: Samuel Adams       Craft: Rebel Rouser IPA       ABV: 8.4%

Guess what? The Rider has a brother…the Rouser!  I felt it was my duty to check out the double IPA that Sam Adams crafted in relation to the session IPA they crafted.  This Rebel Rouser is maltier, hoppier, smoother.  This is the Rider’s more mature brother.  It drinks slower and at 8.4%, you want to take your time.

Sam Adams crafted three in this mini-series.  The Rebel IPA is pretty standard.  The Rebel Rider, which I talked about in Beer 1 of Spring, is a session ale that drinks easy and clean.  And now the Rebel Rouser is the completion of the trifecta.  It’s what I think of when I think of American IPA.  Full, smooth, malty, hoppy, solid.  Good show, Jim Koch.  Good show.

Rating: get a six-pack

Beer 1 of Spring – Rebel with a cause

Sam Adams Rebel Rider

Brewer: Samuel Adams       Craft: Rebel Rider IPA       ABV: 4.5%

Welcome to Spring!  I know, I know.  It’s not really Spring yet.  But my philosophy on that differs slightly from the convention.  Spring for me runs from March 1 until Memorial Day.  So Spring it is.

And I decided to start Spring with a session IPA.  Again, a session ale is one you could drink a few of in a particular drinking session.  I’m only drinking one, because I’ll be having some other crafts as well.  But this is a great way to start the session.

The Rebel Rider is clean, crisp, and refreshing.  The subtle hoppiness is just enough to add a bit of depth to offset the crispness.  This craft definitely says Spring to me.  It gives me a sense that the cold, snowy winter is over and the lighter, warmer weather is on the way along with the blossoming, flowering hops that go into this West Coast style IPA.  The lighter, citrusy, floral style is represented well here in this craft.

I know Sam Adams is probably one of the biggest craft brewers out there, but I feel like they are able to hold true to their roots and continue to craft quality yet innovative beer.  And this craft is a prime example.  If you’re looking for another campfire beer, add this one to the list.

Rating: buy a case

Beer 16 of winter…Be Merry!

Sam Adams Merry Maker

Brewer: Samuel Adams       Craft: Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout      ABV: 9.0%

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  And with all of the choices in craft beer land, it’s difficult to find one that represents the season.  Well folks, this might be the one.

The aroma of spices is immediately evident.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves all make their presence known.  The first sip is so smooth and spiced just like you’re nose told you.  This is a stout.  Just thought I’d remind you.  It’s not a winter warmer.  It’s a stout.  Roasted malts; full-bodied; dark beer.

As I was drinking this, I had several thoughts.  One of those was: “This reminds me of Christmastime.”  Another: “This is what Christmas should taste like.”  And the final thought I had really was part of the experience itself.

I was bringing the glass up to take a sip and I caught the spiced, roasty aroma again and I just giggled with joy.  Giggled!  I guess Jim Koch knew what he was doing when he named this craft.  It was making me merry!

And as I let this craft warm, it got even smoother.  I didn’t think that was possible, but it certainly happened.  And it even bordered on savory.  So I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but I liked this one.  A lot.  I think I’ll have to get another 22 oz. bottle before the season is over so I can enjoy the experience once more.  Cheers!